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Dr. Sonia Tullia Barbaro



Sonia Tullia Barbaro, Notary in Gioia Tauro, graduated in law on 23 July 2013 at the “Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria”. He obtained a PhD in Civil Law from the same. university in May 2017, to then continue the study at the “School of Specialization in Civil Law of the University of Camerino” until the year 2019.

In the same period she undertook in Naples the study for the preparation of the notarial public exam. At the same time, she assumes the role of lecturer in the subject of Private Law at the “University of Naples Federico II” and of contract professor in the same subject at the “University of Salerno”. The continuous passion for research activities resulted, in the same years, in the production of numerous scientific articles published in particularly prestigious legal journals, as well as in the publication of two monographs published by Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, entitled “The testamentary constitution of assets separated “(year 2017) and” Form, registration and remediation of the lease contract for residential use “(year 2018). The research path – focused on inheritance and family law and on the subjects of obligations and contracts – is crowned with the recognition of the National Scientific Qualification for access to the role of Second Level University Professor of Private Law, which took place in November 2018. Having obtained the title of notary in February 2018, she was assigned the notary office of Gioia Tauro on 24 June 2019, thus starting her professional activity at the age of 29. Since then she has exercised her public function, spending herself daily with enthusiasm and dedication in the concrete cases of Civil Law and Company Law submitted to her attention.