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About Us

The interdisciplinary office/study

The network

Our network, thanks to a dense network of professionals, provides numerous services such as legal and notary advice, tax and financial assistance, support for the internationalization of companies, ensuring customers, with a single coordinated firm, the ability to manage all needs linked to fair business administration.

The network makes use of the multidisciplinary nature of its professionals to plan and accompany development and growth of Italian companies in the world (import Export) and for foreign companies that want to activate main offices or secondary offices on the Italian territory, in compliance with current legislation, of its growth and investment objective on the market.

This allows foreign customers to be assisted, through a single interdisciplinary office throughout the national territory, for the resolution of any question in the tax, tax and notary legal field, optimizing time and resources available; guaranteeing national customers that they can be assisted by our professionals abroad.

Where we operate

The network s scope of operation takes place throughout the country and in some states of the European community and outside the EU, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic, China, India, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

How we operate

We listen to the customer s needs and after a careful evaluation, through our professionals, we direct them towards towards the most correct action to take, discouraging any initiative that could be counterproductive. Transparency, professionalism, short listening and response times are our peculiarities.

Always by your side


The mission of the professional network is to offer customers (companies and individuals) a 360 technical assistance guaranteed by professionals specialised in different disciplines. The firm acts as a single interlocutor for its clients who will find the satisfaction of needs in the legal, corporate, commercial and notary fields.