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Dr. Natascia Fida


Phone +39.0966.45666


He began his studies at the Pontificia Universitas Lateranensis, continuing and ending the path with a master’s degree in law at the University of Calabria.

At the end of his university studies he began the Notarial and the forensic practice at the same time, by attending the Genghini Notary School in Naples and subsequently moved to Milan in order to experience a closer contact with the profession he wished to carry out and with the environment of the notary schools in Milan. Notary from 2019, he deals with: Consultancy in civil Law, Commercial Law and Inheritance Law.  Real estate transfers, mortgage deeds, services for companies, services for the family, mainly dealing with deeds in corporate matters and asset segregation. He has held lessons on legal matters and, in particular, on methods of asset segregation at the Unical chair of comparative private law. In 2016 he also obtained the English language certificate from the University of Toronto (UofT).