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Surv. Francesco Muzzupappa


Phone +39.0966.45666


The Surveyor Muzzupappa is enrolled in the professional register of surveyors of the Province of Reggio Calabria since 1993. He has been practicing freelance for over 27 years, offering specialist consultancy services in the various fields of the profession, with a clear diversification of knowledge.

He has experience in: residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural real estate estimates throughout the national territory; in urban planning procedure; he is expert in the field of energy requalification of buildings and in the related tax deductions deriving from the bonuses provided for by the laws in force; in the design and construction management and accounting of residential buildings; of public road works and urban redevelopments, in real estate asset management. He is registered in the register of experts of the Court and of the Regional Administrative Court of Reggio Calabria, with over fifty appointments already made in the context of real estate enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, ordered by the respective Delegated Judges; he is expert in asset divisions, property damage assessments, expropriations and redeployment; he is the reference technical consultant for the FIDAM real estate agency in Reggio Calabria; he is expert in condominium matters, with collaboration in the drafting of regulations and thousandth tables of over one hundred condominiums; he is registered in the national register of technical appraisers accredited by the Banca Antonveneta bank.

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